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Cannot create new room

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I have been trying to add the last two radiator thermostats but constantly get an error message saying that I can't add another room and to contact support which I have done by email with a screen shot of the message (see below) - still no response from TADO.

Well that wasn't supposed to happen.

We are very sorry about this unexpected error. Please take a screenshot and contact us



  • Maximum number of heating zones reached for heating circuits: [circuit number: 1, driven by [two capital letters and a load of numbers here - removed for forum as I don't know what they are]

Any one else had this problem?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @AnnabelH Hello - have you sorted this one yet. It doesn't look as though anyone on here has had this problem.

  • I found that I was unable to create anymore than three rooms. Tado asked me to send what rooms I wanted and which thermostats for each room and they sorted it out very quickly

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