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Current setup: Honeywell Mechanical Thermostat, Drayton Lifestyle LP822 Control Panel (in airing cupboard with hot water tank) , BAXI boiler and individual Radiator controls, with Honeywell connection.

I have a couple of questions about moving to Tado.

1) If I just buy the Smart Thermostat (with Internet bridge), no Extension Kit, will that connect to the existing Thermostats wiring, and then let me control the heating from the app, homekit etc? In that case would i just leave the heating permanently ON on the existing control panel?

2) If I also get the Extension kit then that would allow me to control the Hot Water, but what 'control' does it give me? On/OFF Water Temp, schedule etc? Also, would this mean that i could put the Smart Thermometer anywhere in the house and then have it connect wirelessly, in which case i would need to remove the existing wired thermostat and just insulate and blank off the wires?

3) If i then decide to get Radiator add-ons, then i could control the precise temperature in each room, but prior to that is ther a recommendation on how i should set the existing Radiator controls, they can be set manually to 1-10.

Sorry for the basic questions, and Thank-you in advance.



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @MexicoMatt Hello - you really need to contact support given it's unlikely anyone on here will have the same combination of items in their setup. Chat line on Tado.com

  • Steer clear. Expensive system, information used for energy savings, air quality reports etc is dubious. Support has been replaced with community forum. Best feature of the system is geofencing, this now requires a monthly fee to automate.

  • Hi Mark W. I actually went ahead and bought the system, loving it so far, you are right about the Geofencing though, however that cane be replicated through Homebridge using the homebridge-tado-platform https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-tado-platform plugin.

    See how things go in a couple of months, maybe I will change my mind!

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