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TRV's not behaving properly


Got an issue I think. I have the tado TRV's on all of my rads. I have smart scheduling, so as an example at 1.30am last night the schedule settings would have been:

Spare room - TRV set to 18c, actual room temp 21c

Child room 1 - TRV set to 20c, actual room temp 20c

Child room 2 - TRV set to 20c, actual room temp 20c

The temp in spare room never fell below 20c yesterday so the TRV should not have opened. The room statistics confirms it was never on.

However, at 1.30am the spare room rad was very hot so it was either on or had been on very recently. On the other hand, both child room rads were cold so they had not been on for ages, despite the room temp being 20c and the trv setting being 20c.

This seems odd doesn't it?


  • Check the actual Thermostatic valve body that the head is screwed onto is shutting off correctly, you can do this by making sure the head is set lower than the room temp and turning another zone on to see if the spare room radiator also warms up, give it 10 mins then feel the pipes going into the valves at either end.

  • Thanks, as it's a spare room the temp is set to 18c however because the house is generally warm, the temp in the room never falls below about 20c, so basically the head always ends up being set to less than the actual room temp, meaning it should never turn on.

    As i said, the room stats page also shows the trv didn't come on, however the rad was hot. I think i might double check the actual rad itself in case its stuck or something.

  • It may be that the temp has dropped lower than you think at some point and the trv has turned on the radiator and then not fully closed the valve when the temp has increased. As you say the trv is not in constant use it may need recalibration. Remove the trv, remove the batteries. Wait about 30s then refit the batteries and refit the trv. It should then reconfigure itself to fully close the valve.

  • AsoniAsoni
    edited January 11
    ^ it hadn’t, as I said it’s set to 18c and the room temp definitely didn’t drop to that.

    Also, I checked the room stats on the app which confirmed the radiator had not been activated at any point in the previous 12hrs by the TRV (despite the fact the radiator was hot so had obviously been on).

    Can only assume either faulty TRV or valve on the radiator itself.
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