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How to split 3 "dummy zones" into real rooms?

I am asking your help as tado support has not been able to give me a clarifying answer.

I have 3 zones in the house: where I live, where I work and an archive.

Each zone, but the latest, is composed by different rooms and has a motorised valve to control zone heating manifold.

My current configuration is one tado thermostat per zone and a tado extension kit.

Every thermostat is wired to zone valve only and the extension kit is wired by OpenTherm bus to the heater.

Every zone is configured as a "dummy room", grouping every other real room in the zone itself, and has it's own thermostat.

Each radiator has a TRV, associated to its own "dummy room" on tado panel, same as corresponding zone thermostat.

I have asked them tado support to give me the possibility to split the house in real rooms, associating every TRV with its own thermostat to open the zone valve, and to have each room the possibility to call for heater start.

The answer was really confuse, telling me tado supports 2 channels only. That could be true for wired relayed connection but I don't need that kind of "channels". My heater produces heating water only and is controlled by Opentherm protocol.

@Sparky I saw you had similar issues. Any idea?


  • Right if I'm reading your post correctly you have:

    3 dummy zones with thermostats wired to zone manifold

    Every radiator has a smart TRV

    Every room has a smart thermostat.

    I suggest if you can remove the three thermostats connected to your vales and keep the valves open at all times ( do they have manual override?)

    Now set each room to use smart thermostat as measuring device.

    Each room should be able to call for heat independently.

    My set originally had two zones and I have done the above works fine.

  • @MHUHX

    Every zone has been replaced with a “dummy room”, i.e. a single room composed by different real rooms. Every zone has a thermostat in the biggest real room, to open zone valve. Every room has one or more TRVs. If I will remove thermostats, there will no way to open electric zone valve!
  • @tormento What kind of zone valves are these? 2 port valves? if so they will have a mechanical lever that allows you to open them and leave them open. A picture might help.

    Also, for my original suggestion to work, every radiator ideally will need its own tado TRV.

  • If I understand, you have 3 zones, each controlled by a thermostat which in turn controls a motorised valve which allows heating water into the relevant zone. Each zone then has radiators controlled by mechanical TRV’s rather than smart TRV’s?

    If that is correct then Tado will not work for you to control that scenario with the set up you are currently trying. Tado will only control 2 zones using motorised valves, for example: Zone 1 might be upstairs, Zone 2 might be downstairs. The best you can achieve is to control 2 of the 3 zones using the room stats. The third zone would require smart TRV’s on each radiator, each programmed to suit your needs in that area.

    So, control the 2 larger areas with the room stats, the smaller of the 3 areas with the least radiators with smart TRV’s.

  • And if I unify the 2 zones up stairs into 1, having 1 zone upstairs and one downstairs? The extension kit is wired to OpenTherm boiler. One thermostat would be opening zone valve upstairs and a probe for that room, the other thermostat upstairs a probe for another room and the thermostat downstairs would be probe and zone valve command (there are no TRV downstairs). How should be the configuration with 2 zones only? I’d prefer to save both thermostats in the zone upstairs as they are more precise than TRV.
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