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Tado swiching off both thermostats,

 section of smart schedule showing an inverted teardrop symbol with a strikethrough on app. Both thermostats switch the system to OFF. Any help appreciated, thanks.


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Pete_15 Hello. Sorry but I don't understand the first part of your sentence. Could you give us more detail please.

  • The heating is showing OFF in the app and when I check the schedule it shows the temperature and timings I set but I have to manually increase the temperature to get it working. When viewing the main page for in our case, "Hal" I have set the temperature to 22 and it shows active until somebody comes home. If I cancel it returns to OFF. The grey section before the daily yellow section has a grey symbol as shown at the top of the page under Home but with a strikethrough. If I click on "Away" it show the same symbol in green above a car. I have switched off geofencing in the hope that would fix things but no luck!

  • OK, switching off the geofencing has solved the problem thanks.

  • Argggggg! No it hasn't!

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited January 13

    Hello - I am genuinely lost in terms of your grey symbol etc but can we just take one thing at a time. In the smart schedule, if you open a yellow block, is the slider in top right corner showing blue i.e. heating on and conversely, in grey block Heating off? Where on there is a symbol - I don't have one

  • Looks like this

    III Heating slider black/grey.

    V 21.3 v

    start 18:00

    end 21:00

    If I click on the slider it opens frost protection.

    geofencing is showing Away, if i click on Hall it shows OFF. When I go to smart schedule and click on a time segment the correct temperature is displayed. I save it and the Hall is still off?

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited January 14

    @Pete_15 In the detail above, the heating slider needs sliding to light blue dark blue. Blue is heating ON, black is heating OFF

  • Seems my wife had her phone app switched to "away" and now everting is working properly! I hope🙄

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