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Tado Radiator Smart thermostat - 'mounting Issue'

Hi All.

I have the following issue with one of my radiator thermostats and im looking to nip this problem in the bud.

So, this particular tado rad thermostat has been working flawlessly up until about a few months ago.

The dreaded red dot appeared on the app so investigated further and it says the device is not mounted properly.

Thats weird i thought, its been working fine.

Checked the stat, and yes it was mounted correctly with no E codes. (in not using any adaptors on any of the SIX valves).

Unmounted the rad valve and refitted but it wasnt able to calibrate properly. When I mounted the valve there was only the blinking on the screen (the three OOO), no noise that the valve was locating the pin.

Batteries perhaps, i thought. so i changed the batteries and this time it worked as normal.

However this very problem has reoccurred several times in the space of two months now and I refuse to believe that the batteries are the issue.

The same message has popped up on the app today Jan 18 2020 and its only been 4 weeks since i replaced the batteries in the thermostat. The rad comes on for a about 4 hours in the morning and about 3 hours at night. Same as a couple of other rads in the house and they dont have this issue.

I think i have a rad stat that is defective.

Anyone have any similar experiences or able to offer a fix for this.

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  • Hi

    Thanks, that seemed to work. I put new Duracells in today and its calibrated with no problems. Will see how it goes. The batteries i put in a few weeks ago were new Panasonics. I have noted todays date, I will see how long these last.


  • I have the same issue with two of my smart radiator thermostats. I have to take the batteries out for a few minutes and the go through the installation procedure again to get them to work.

    I have also noticed that both of them have small splits in the case so I have wound some tape around them but that hasn't helped. I don't know why they have spilt as both are tucked out of the way so they can't have had any knocks. Hopefully it is not a design flaw that means the reaming units will do the same.

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