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Smart thermostat and smart radiator thermostat

Hello all

I have a short question

I have a smart Tado thermostat in my living room.

After a while I have added a pair of smart radiator thermostats as well in the same living room.

Since I've liked how the whole setup works I have also got a 4 more smart radiator thermostats and put them in different rooms. I have also defined a new room for the two smart radiator thermostats in the living room.

Now my Tado smart thermostat on its is out of sync with the two thermostats in the living room basically I am regulating them separately from the main smart thermostat.

Two questions:

  1. Can I actually reconnect the two smart radiator thermostats to the main smart thermostat?
  2. Should I actually do that at all since the smart radiator thermostats can also regulate themselves and they do not need the central smart thermostat unit?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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  • ZoltZolt
    Answer ✓

    Hello Samd

    Actually your answer helped me how to solve this issue.

    First I have created a room called "temp" then I assigned the two smart radiator thermostats to it, it deleted the duplicate "woonkamer".

    Then I have just assigned the two smart radiator thermostats to the only existing "woonkamer" and set the measuring device to be the smart room thermostat.

    Thanks for the help!


  • Hello Samd

    Thanks for the response.

    This is true however all the devices have to be in the same room, defined in the same room.

    The thing is if you look at the picture

    I have the smart thermostat (the first selected in the list) and the two smart radiator thermostat in the same room, but it is not appearing like that in the list (even when the room names are the same), can I change actually the room for a smart thermostat or for the smart radiator thermostat without going through the whole setup steps again?

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited January 20

    @Zolt Strange! Have you tried renaming the second 'Woonkamer' (with the 2 radstats) and giving it a previously unused name? That then should permit you to move the 2 radstats from your 'newname' to the first Woonkamer.

    Movement is by Settings>Devices>select the tado TRV.

  • Hello Samd

    That is what I have done, if you look at my reply at 11:29 but instead of renaming I have used a temporary room, which when resources were removed from it was also automatically deleted.

    That being said I have a solution to my problem.

    Thanks one more time for the time and effort spent to help me.

    Much appreciated :)

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