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Not sure if this is possible - hope the developers read here

But I'd like to be able to talk to alexa and say Alexa put heating on for 2 hrs, cvurrently she can't

And also instead of always having to ask Alexa, whats the "house" temperature, it would be nice to respond also using "Flat" and or "indoor" temperature none of these things works.

It feels kind of clunky that the alexa app cant do this

Is it possible to add this to teh app ?



  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello Briski,

    To customize commands, you might be able to apply IFTTT: https://ifttt.com/tado_heating

    Regarding the other findings, you would have to ask the developers of Amazon Alexa, we do not have any control over what commands Alexa accepts.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Joey, I'm guessing you use AWS for the app, I have done some coding for Alexa myself.

    its quite easy to add a voice command to a particular app if you have access to the app code

    Does this mean amazon themselves wrote your app?

    I mean you could use alexa launch tado app and control it through there, imo at the moment its very limited on what you can do

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