Do radiator controllers also control the heating demand

Hi. Just installing tado room thermostat plus extension kit plus a few radiator thermostats. The room thermostat is wireless and the extension kit switches both heating and water. Obviously the room thermostat will switch the heating on when needed but what about the radiator thermostats? If a room is cold surely they can also request the heating to be on? So whether the heating runs becomes a function of the OR of all thermostats


  • Hi Philb,

    I've had the same problem. One room was warm and the other have been cold. The radiator thermostats can also request to turn the heating on, so every room can have it's one temperature. It works really well

  • Thanks. So does it just work like that out of the box or do you need to enable the feature? And what if you don't want it to work that way? I guess I'm looking for something in the app to control the feature.
  • Hi Philb,

    The logic is that no room is allowed to be too cool, so any thermostat can call for heat. This is configured during the installation by default, but it is important that you install the Smart Thermostat and Extension Kit first. If not, you might need to contact [email protected] to ensure that everything is configured correctly.

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  • I have had the same issues, the room that the controller is in is at the right temperature, but several other rooms are cold.

    There seems to be no way to say what room is the priority, let alone change it for diffrent times of the day.

    like most my thermostat is in the hallway where the wiring is... i don't REALLY care what temperature the hallway is but for some reason the Tado logic is that it is king

  • Germán
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    Hello TheMoleMan,

    As Frank explained before, the default configuration will allow the Smart Radiator Thermostats to be able to call for heating whenever they are added if the Smart Thermostat is already present. If this is not happening it could be that the installation wasn't done in that order so the configuration wasn't given by default. If you are experiencing trouble with this, please contact our support about it