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My house has been extended and has had new 3 heating zones added to the 'original house' zone - all these zones are controlled by motorized valves with their own thermostats. There is also a Hot Water zone effectively making 5 zones altogether.

The boiler is a one year old Vaillant ecoFIT pure 42.

The difficulty is that the living room has radiators on more than one zone. I'm an old, retired and a novice but it seems to me the best approach is to remove all the motorized valves and have what would be one heating circuit with a Tado thermostatic valve on each radiator - 17 in all!

I asked Tado to recommend an installer but they couldn't/wouldn't but suggested they could instruct me (some chance)! Since it would require a complete drain down and installation of Thermostatic Radiator valves with Tado heads everywhere it's more than I could contemplate.

I live near Buckingham.

Do you know how I can find someone to do a complete package deal - or how best to proceed?


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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Blagdonboy Hello. I think it would help if you provided a bit more information please. For example, tado has a 10 room limit and with 17 rads you could be close to that (there are workarounds though) Also more info on the Lounge and rads in each zone. You never know there might be someone on here who could help.

  • I don't know if this helps - the column spacing has got a bit messed up pasting from Excel

    Room Rads Towel Rails Circuit

    Bedroom 1 2 2 Bedroom

    Bedroom 2 1 1 Old House

    Bedroom 3 1 0 Old House

    Bedroom 4 1 0 Old House

    Bedroom 5 1 0 Old House

    Bathroom 1 0 Old House

    Sitting 2 0 Old House

    Hall 1 0 Old House

    Toilet 0 1 Old House

    Living 4 0 3 on Old House, 1 on Kitchen

    Utility 1 0 Kitchen

  • Are you able to share work around? I have 13 rooms on 1 zone. Any reason for not using 2 smart thermostats and wiring parallel to the boiler stat control? Does that give you 10 rooms per zone, or is it a hard 10 room per tado account limit?