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Simple question regarding TRV call for heat


First post here so please excuse what might appear to be a dumb question.

Using a simple setup example, say I had a smart thermostat in my hall and a smart TRVs fitted to a bedroom radiator.

  1. The smart thermostat in the hall was not calling for heat (ie. hallway at a satisfactory temp)
  2. TRV in bedroom detects a temp drop below its set temp
  3. TRV in bedroom opens to allow water to flow into radiator

Would the drop in temperature detected by the TRV in the bedroom fire the heating despite the main smart thermostat being within temperature or does the smart thermostat (in this case in a hallway) itself always need to be already calling for heat in order for any of the TRVs to receive heat ?

I hope that makes sense.

Many thanks,

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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @sP1bOB Hello - There are two modes in which tado operates:

    1. The boiler-controlling thermostat needs to be calling for heat for other tado radstats to operate.
    2. Every tado device has primacy i.e. regardless of the position of the smart thermostat

    Support on the tado.com chatline can alter this as you require.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Can the primacy be only changed by support ?


  • Thanks very much, I'll look into it further.



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