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House Set up

Hi all,

Since I am really bad with hardware, I want to verify my set up is possible and makes sense

  1. I have a house on 2 floors which has a pallet burner to heat the house.
  2. The problem I am trying to solve is that the upper floor gets colder faster and hotter faster compared to downstairs.
  3. At the moment I have thermostat (Not tado) which switches off the pellet burner when the desired temperature in the down floor is reached. Problem is due point 2, it gets very cold after 1-2h in the upper floor.

What I want to do:

  1. Smart valves on all radiators (both floors)
  2. Smart thermostat in the down floor since its one big space. I understood it's needed to have thermostat also, in order to switch on/off the pellet burner when no valve needs heat.
  3. My hope is that when down floor reaches the temp (the upper floor would have reached also for sure since its faster to heat) it will close the valves on both floors and thermostat will put OFF the pellet burner. Once the temp in the upper floor starts dropping, valves will open and at some point will tell the burner to turn on. Still the down floor valves will be closes since it is above = the set temp.

What do you think guys? Can Tado do this?

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