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Can I run two bridges off one internet router?

Is there somebody who can help with the below points please. 

I have a tado system set up in my house, comprising of an extension kit, bridge and a smart thermostat.

What I would like to do is fit the same system in the house next door which I also own. The house next door does not have any internet access, so I was hopping to use my Internet access (rooter box) in the house that has Tado already installed.

Do I need to have internet running, in the house that I intend to install Tado?

Or can I run a cat cable, from my rooter box to the boiler next door and install the bridge there?

The important question is can I run both independently?

I am willing to buy all three items (extension kit, bridge and a smart thermostat) again for next door and extend my internet to cover the next door with the aid of wifi extenders.

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    Thanks for the information joey, it was very useful.

    I’ll get onto buying a new set of units for next door.

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