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Can I run two bridges off one internet router?

Is there somebody who can help with the below points please. 

I have a tado system set up in my house, comprising of an extension kit, bridge and a smart thermostat.

What I would like to do is fit the same system in the house next door which I also own. The house next door does not have any internet access, so I was hopping to use my Internet access (rooter box) in the house that has Tado already installed.

Do I need to have internet running, in the house that I intend to install Tado?

Or can I run a cat cable, from my rooter box to the boiler next door and install the bridge there?

The important question is can I run both independently?

I am willing to buy all three items (extension kit, bridge and a smart thermostat) again for next door and extend my internet to cover the next door with the aid of wifi extenders.

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    Thanks for the information joey, it was very useful.

    I’ll get onto buying a new set of units for next door.


  • Note that Joey (Moderator) responded to this on 27/1/2020 - However I have set this up and had problems. Technical support then responded to say it is not possible to have two internet bridges on one home network so I showed them this post which they said was wrong and so they have deleted Joey's response. I'll pasted in Joey's original response below to make the above make more sense:

  • P_KP_K
    edited November 11

    Original response from Joey (Moderator) on 27/1/2020

    Hello Jihadondvds,

    Yes, two Internet Bridges can operate from one home network and they would both have their own tado° account. Which means you can control them independently. Take note though, you cannot run two separate accounts from one tado° app. If you are an Apple user, you can add multiple tado° accounts to your Apple Homekit.

    You can indeed run a cat cable to the home. However you might want to consider using a Wifi Booster. Many of them have at least one UTP network socket to which you could attach the Internet Bridge, and in doing so connect it to our cloud.

    Here is an example: https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/range-extender/re650/

    Kind regards,


  • Rob2Rob2 ✭✭✭

    It is a bit strange that having another bridge on the same internet connection would cause any problems for Tado. It should not matter how you connect them to what network. The two connections come from the same IP, but that could happen anyway when two customers are at a single provider that uses CGNAT because they have run out of IPv4 addresses (the Tado system is decades backward as it does not support IPv6 at all...). And the IP should be irrelevant to Tado, it is the bridge serial nummer which matters.

    Of course you should be (and probably are) aware that this will create two independent systems that cannot be managed from the same account, and can only be managed from a single phone when the account is switched all the time.

    Some people have asked if it is possible to install a second bridge to extend coverage in a larger house where some devices do not reliably connect to the bridge, and that is for sure (currently) not possible.

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