What is the difference between horizontal and vertical actuators

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical actuator valves apart from the display? I have a kit of vertical actuators but one of my valves is horizontal. Can I use a vertical unit on a horizontal valve.



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  • You are seriously telling me that there is not a way to invert the display via firmware or software update?

  • Yes, it's pretty silly. Would make sense to produce one TRV and have the display orientation set by a software switch

  • Yes, agreed, especially when the current Black Friday deals on Amazon UK mean that the vertical mount is £31.99 and the horizontal mount is £34.99!

    Two single vertical mounts are cheaper than the 2 pack (£68.99) too.

  • I have just installed mine. I am quite sure that the TRVs were showing temperature in vertical mode before I've installed them to the radiators. it was done without any changes from my side. I assume TRVs have kind of sensors to detect the position in the space. All back to normal once I have initiated re-callibration for TRVs

  • Update: Please ignore my response for the time being. I confirm that the actual temperature is flippable but not sure about other symbols like “house” etc. let me test it first again. Sorry
  • I had three valves. For 2 of them the display was flippable in the software for the last one it was fixed. It seems there are two different versions of valves circulating? Is there a way to distinguish them without connecting them to the app?

  • There must be different kinds of valves. I installed couple and in app only set horizontal or vertical. But my valves are simple matrix display so I can't see the way to flip it around. Not that I care. It's really just control display and it's as easy to see horizontal, vertical or upside down.
    Someone asked if I bought horizontal or vertical and it made me thinking. There is no mention of installation orientation on the box or in manual do it looks that it doesn't really matter how you install them for functionality (other than display)