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I have a few questions/suggestions


Just finalising my system, 12 smart radiators (2 more if I can fid a way of installing them on my towel radiators) one thermostat and one internet bridge.

I have a few questions/suggestions

What does the symbol ƧƧƧ mean in the graph, sometimes only one is highlighted, sometime all three I presume its stages of heating.

Can you have an Admin level to stop users messing about with some of the settings. Example, anyone can put the heating on indefinitely or changing settings.

High limit setting to stop the wife putting the heating up to 25Deg.

Copy facility, it’s a pain to set up each day on each zone individually.

Graphs, you can only see one day for one zone, it would be better if you could export the data to excel or other database so you could see how the different zones are doing.

Sorry for so many questions



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    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I will add them to the suggestions



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @PhilHolmes Hello - Taking your 1st question as the one starting with 'WHAT':

    1. Correct
    2. Not available but if you do not allow them to use the app, all they can do is change at the radiator which they could previously.
    3. Not available
    4. Not available but many users requested
    5. As 4 above.

    You might want to add your voice to the suggestions

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