Available in USA

I am an architect and General Contractor. I specialize in residential work,

I have a project now where we are replacing the exisitng baseboard jot water radiators with Myson Panel Radiators. I am able to install TRV on these radiators, and would love to be able to install WIFI enabled ones to control all the rooms remotely.

Do you ever plan on selling these in the US? I am quite baffled by the lack of any wifi TRV in the US.

I have found some ways to possibly buy them and import them from Europe, but have not gone that far yet. Anyone else try that?


  • Hi KRG,

    We currently have no immediate plans to sell our heating products in the US, nor have we got any distribution partners in North America at this time. The main reason is that the most common heating system interfaces are very different to Europe and require different hardware for the Smart Thermostats, as well as TRVs proving to be difficult when it comes to finding common adapters.

    Best regards,