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Tado for 3beds apartment

Hi Tadoers,

I'm in the processes of buying a 3beds apart and I'd like to be able to control the temperature individually for each room. I've got a few questions I wasn't able to answer with the FAQ and online docs.

  • What's the benefit of buying a hub if I'm buying individual radiator thermostats? Tado videos says it will maximise the savings but I'm not sure I understand how.
  • Is the cooling device any good?
  • Can the cooling device control multiple AC units? Do I need one for every room, every AC unit?

Thank you,



  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello bugsbunny,

    Thank you for your interest in tado°

    • by "hub" we assume you are referring to the Smart Thermostat? If so, a Smart Thermostat is not always required, however it is recommended. It really depends on how you are currently heating your home. We recommend you request a compatibility review (for both your heating as your cooling devices) via this link:


    • Well, we like to believe it is.
    • The Smart AC Control can control multiple ACs, however the ACs must be in the same room, must be the exact same make and model and must be within line-of-sight of the Smart AC Control. If the ACs are in separate rooms, you would need a Smart AC Control for each room.

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks Joey.

    I don’t have a heating unit nor any AC unit yet. So we’ve got a greenfield here:) Here’s current kitchen state: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vRe3a1ZNGGsp6uYdhamODHNXeE_kUSNX

    The radiators are compatible.

    Regarding the thermostat. I’ve read it recommended, but I wanted to understand why? Could you give me a practical scenario where I would benefit from it?

    Thank you,
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