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Replacing Salus thermostat with Tado

Hi all

I have a bog standard (Main Eco Elite) combi boiler. The heating is operated by a local "programmer" in the boiler (with the clicky tabs on a circular mechanical timer), and also switched on and off by a wall mounted unit which in turn communicates with a wireless thermostat.

The unit on the wall is a very boring switch.

I want to replace the wall switch unit with a Tado smart thermostat. Tado support are being surprisingly unhelpful. They want me to replace the programmer with an extension kit but I do not need to or want to. I just want to replace the wall mounted heating on/off switch with a Tado thermostat.

So my question to the forum is: which wires do I plug into which sockets of the Tado smart thermostat.

My current unit has connections marked NO, COM, L and N. The Tado has NO, NC, COM on the left and A, - and + on the right.

Please can someone tell me what goes into what?

Thanks in advance.



  • A follow up question is what if I used the extension kit instead of the current thermostat?

    The Tado extension kit has more ports than this does. Do I just put the same wires into the same named ports on the Tado or do I need more than that?

    Comments really welcomed.

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @edcldn Hello. Unless someone has a similar system, I doubt you will get a better response than following the direction given to you by support. Sorry I can't help.

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