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Does Smart Thermostat works together with Smart Radiator Thermostats

Do these two products work together in some way? I guess what I'm asking is can they communicate between each other in a way that setting temperature on Smart Thermostat can send information to two different radiators in two different rooms to adjust themselfs so that one room is not warmer than another one if their sizes are different for example?



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @tomicic Hello. tado operates in two different modes i.e. one in which the boiler-controlling thermostat has to be calling for heat AND the other in which ALL tado devices can independently call for heat regardless of the position of the thermostat. You appear to want the latter and it is done by chat line on tado.com. It's a 2 minute job once you are connected.

  • @tomicic

    The Smart Thermostat can be used in three ways.

    1. The first is as the master thermostat and in this scenario it acts like a traditional heating thermostat and on behalf of the entire house calls for heat.
    2. The second is as an additional thermostat used to control an individual zone in your house. This presumes your house is setup as zones with valves etc. for each zone.
    3. The third is as an external thermostat to act as the temperature sensor for one or more radiators. This sounds like what you are asking for. This in turn has two possible uses. Some people do this because its sensor is considered more accurate than the one built-in to the Tado Smart TRV due to it not being right next to the radiator itself and the reading being distorted. The second is as a more convenient way of acting as a 'master' sensor for multiple radiators. (You can also nominate a Tado Smart TRV as a master sensor for other Tado Smart TRV units and indeed since the Tado Smart TRV is cheaper than the Smart Thermostat some people even buy an additional one and put it on a shelf away from a radiator.)

    It is intended that when using the Smart Thermostat as the master temperature sensor for multiple radiators that the radiators should all be in the same room and indeed the radiators have to be listed in the same room as each other and the Smart Thermostat. This makes sense since normally you want to be able to have different rooms at different temperatures including if a room is unoccupied.

    However I see nothing that would prevent you cheating and defining multiple Tado Smart TRVs from physically different rooms as being in the same logical room.

    You may need some assistance from Tado in setting this up as bizarrely it seems their app is not clever enough to allow doing this yourself.

    Note: To Tado - improve your app, this not only makes things easier for your customers but removes the burden from yourselves.

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