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Scheduled days

At the moment I use the 5/2 on the schedule , but I do shift work , so every week I have to change the schedule
Is there a way I could do a 3 week rotating schedule ?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Duncan140969 Hello. I don't think there is but a less arduous a work around would be to spend a bit of time using all 3 'schedule days' (Mon-Sun Mon - Fri etc) to match your cycle and then just choose the appropriate one.

  • @samd - cheers matey but that won’t work
    I live alone and work a 3 shift rotating system, mon-fri
    wk 1 6am-2pm
    Wk 2 10pm-6am
    Wk 3 2pm-10pm

    I am
    Open to suggestions though if you can think any
    Many thanks
  • @Duncan140969 you can use @samd suggestion to make it work. It is arduous to change schedules but it would work in practice.

    wk1 mon-fri use the 1 day schedule

    wk2 mon-fri use the 5/2 day schedule

    wk3 mon-fri use the 7 day schedule

    all weekends use the 7 day schedule

    A recurring alarm may help to remind when to change schedule.

  • Hi @GrilledCheese , thanks for the suggestion but it still won’t suit me
    Wk1 I am home in the evening, and temp is generally 20c - wk2 I then I be preheating my home to 20c then going to work.
    Just not practical and wasteful when Tado is there to save me money.
    I will give it a try, but a bit of software by Tado developers could cure this without any faffing about.
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