Geo location on huawei phones

My wife’s huawei p30 pro running EMUI 9.1 software, says she is always located at home any idea? I’ve tried all the location settings and battery optimisation and it’s still the same?



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    It sounds like the Tado app is working correctly over WiFi - at home. But once the phone leaves the home area the app is not working over cellular data and the location does not update on the Tado system. Check the cellular data settings.

  • Hi I had this exact issue on both mine and my wife's phone. I is all to do with huwaei battery optimisation software killing the app as soon as you close it. There is two settings I found one is the battery optimisation settings which is looks like you have done? And there is another in the battery settings called app launch find the tado app in there and set to manage manually push all 3 settings to blue. Doing both the battery optimisation and the app launch sorted the issue on both phones. Hope this helps.
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