Unable to assign rad thermostat to new room without tech support

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Hi guy,

‘my setup so far is

1 Smart room thermostat and 7 rad thermostats.

Previously I had installed 5 rad thermostat and part installed the smart room thermostat (waiting for my wiring diagram) and everything went ok I was able to assign each one to a separate room.

tonight I completed the install (wired) of the smart room thermostat and then installed two more rad thermostat and for some reason I was not able to create a new room for the new rad thermostats and a message popped up telling me I would need to contact tech support before I could assign the new rad thermostats to a new room, I was able to put them in a room that had been previously created

at present I have created 5 room 6 including the heating which I presume is the smart thermostat .

the new thermostats are horizontal orientation but presume this wouldn’t make a difference

anyone have any ideas or info



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    ok tried the rename a room and getting this, the room I tried to edit have the troublesome rad thermostats in

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    Just has a side note it would seem that the two radiator thermostats that I am having trouble with are on a old firmware , is it possible to update the firmware ?


    seem the rad thermostat update themselves, sent my issue which seem common to tech support but it’s a mess about

  • I also have this problem. I have sent three queries but have had no response

    did you get a solution?

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