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Use Existing Wiring For Extension Kit?

Hi, purchased a second hand extension kit which doesnt come with the other bits that it usually comes with.

Currently got Nest installed so assuming I dont need anything else and can just swap like for like and use existing wiring with nothing else needed?


  • @Adzyp yes you can re-use the multi-core flex attached to the Nest. You need to ensure the terminal connections for power, CH on, HW on etc are appropriate for the Tado system.

  • @GrilledCheese great, thanks. What do you mean by making sure they are appropriate? I know there are fitting instructions on here (which I'll read in depth shortly) but would have thought as long as the right connections on boiler and tado are linked then that's it?
  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
    edited February 1

    If you are using relay control the Nest has 6 terminals while the Tado has only 4. Therefore you cannot use the same terminal numbers and will need to use the installation instructions to find the appropriate terminals for your system wiring.

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