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How can I check / control the prioritisation settings?


I now have four zones set up: a "living room" zone with a Smart Thermostat and three bedrooms with Smart Radiator Valves. I want to confirm/ensure that the heating only comes on under control of the Smart Thermostat, and not just when one of the bedrooms falls below target temperature.

Is that the default? How could I see that in the app and/or change it if I wanted to at a later stage (for example if I wanted one of the bedrooms to be the controlling zone?

I hope I have explained my question well enough!




  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited February 2020

    @edcldn On the assumption that the smart thermostat that you mention is the boiler-controlling one, then the default setting is that the boiler-control tado needs to be ON in order for the radiators to get heat. The chat line on tado.com can alter this easily to give primacy to all tado devices regardless of the position of the boiler-control thermostat.

    However, the schedule could take care of the bedrooms if you opt for the latter of the 2 options.

  • Thanks. I also assume that, given that there is only one smart thermostat. But it isn’t amazing clear in the setup. Maybe I am too geeky and want to see behind the curtain haha
  • Actually Samd this assumption is wrong. This evening one of my bedroom TRVs caused the whole heating to switch on.
  • I believe that the TRVs have two available setting (which can only be altered by the help desk.

    the standard is that if temperature drops below the TRV set point, the valve opens and the TRV calls for heat from the boiler regardless of the thermostat level.

    The optional setting (which can only be set by the help desk) is for the TRV to only open when the temperature drops below the set point and does not call for heat from the boiler, thus the heat will only be called once the temperature drops below the thermostat set point.

    Also you can apparently have a mixture of the above throughout your house

    I hope this helps

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