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Multiple heating zones

This may sound like an odd question but we have a multizone, multi-controller setup at home. So we have:

  1. Gas fired central heating with a wired thermostat in the hall
  2. An extension with plumbed in underfloor heating and a wireless thermostat and controller
  3. 3 separate zones of electric underfloor heating for existing rooms during extension (to save from digging up the floor)

What do we need in order to control these?

Can the wet underfloor and GFCH be controlled from a single thermostat with 2 extensions? (One for the GFCH and hot water, 1 for wet underfloor heating)?

Thanks in advance


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  • Thanks GrilledCheese for the prompt answer. I was hoping to be able to for the 2 so that the main GFCH didn't need to be wired, but hey ho.

    Thanks again
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