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I've just had a new Viessmann combi boiler installed today and I was under the impression the tado thermostat would be able to wirelessly sit with me in the room I'm sitting in around the house. However my plumber has installed it in the airing cupboard in which the boiler is located. This is pointless right? I have read that I need the extender and that should have been in the airing cupboard by the boiler and the thermostat then can be anywhere? Doesn't need to be mounted? Is this correct? If I was to get the extender would it plug onto the mounting plate of the thermostat already wired or will a new mounting plate need wiring?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • GrilledCheeseGrilledCheese ✭✭✭
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    I am surprised to read that a supposedly competent gas engineer has fitted a thermostat in your airing cupboard. The measured temperature will be completely wrong.

    The back plate for the thermostat and extension kit are completely different and will need rewiring. In theory the wireless thermostat can be moved from room to room, but Tado does not recommend this. It’s to do with the heating characteristics of each room being different, and the algorithms that optimise when the boiler is switched on and off.

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