Tado thermostat in the summer

I've just had a Tado thermostat installed with a new combi boiler.

The house temperature is very comfortable at the moment.

I was wondering how I should set things when it gets warmer?

Previously I just had the boiler on a timer and just has the radiator in the bathroom on to dry towels.

Do I have to set the Tado thermostat to a high temp to achieve the same I.e. heat the bathroom radiator irrespective of the ambient temperature?


  • Joey
    Joey | Moderator

    Hello nemgreen,

    Thank you for your question,

    The Smart Schedule set by yourself will determine when to heat and when not to and this is purely up to you, what you are most comfortable with. You will not need to change anything else

    Kind regards,


  • I think the OP may be asking how he gets his towel rail to heat in the summer when the ambient temperature is above the set temperature and the boiler is never going to fire. Of course this can only work up to an ambient temperature of 25 as we cannot set the temperature any higher.

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