Extension kit backplate wiring

I am trying to replace my old boiler programmer with the extension kit. It's already on a standard backplate so it should fit on just need to move one wire. However, the existing wiring is a bit weird.

1) there's a couple of neutral cables stuffed into point 4 where the existing programmer doesn't even have a pin. I'm guessing these are just stashed away for safety and I can just terminate with electrical tape or something? The tado kit needs point 4 so I can't just leave them.

2) on point 2 of the backplate there is nothing installed. The existing programmer wiring diagram shows there should be something there but I think it is for the off condition so maybe it doesn't matter? Should I just leave that empty? Or move the cables from point 4 to 2?

Existing programmer is a Drayton lp111


  • Hi Hugh,

    When you register on my.tado.com and enter the details of your heating system, you will be supplied with custom installation instructions tailor to your exact setup.

    Please note that this forum is conceived as a community where users and moderators can discuss and answer questions that many might be interested in, but wiring issues (due to the inherent risk involved) is best addressed by our customer support, who will look into your specific system configuration and help you resolve any questions or issues.

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  • Unfortunately your "custom instructions" take time to get sent and are not always correct or helpful. Yay for trying to help, but boo for making customers depend on you instead of empowering them.