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Why should I use the Room functionality

First, this is related to having an affordable external temperatur sensor (have searched and read a lot on the forum).

I have multple Tados Radiator Thermostats (V3+) in several big rooms, groyped by the Room functionality. I have noticed that a significant temperatur difference might exist between two heaters in the same room. As I understand it I have selected one Measuring devices which then tells all heaters in the room to turn on/off. However, this effectively means my two temperatur gauges (thermostats) are reduced to one.

Would it not be better to take the minimum across the heaters in one room and then turn on heaters with a temperatur lower than the desired room temperature? This would effectively leave the Room functionality as a bare shell to set the temperature, because as it is (afaik) the room functionality takes functionality away from me.

Did I misunderstand the way the Room functionality works?


  • JoeyJoey | Moderator

    Hello Dantzig,

    Thank you for your question,

    You could split the room into two zones, for example "Room A Front" and "Room A Back". This way both devices operate based on their immediate air temperature.

    Or consider placing a Smart Thermostat in the middle of the room to operate as temperature sensor.

    Kind regards,


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