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Tado and Zone valve

Can i connect a Tado Smart Thermostat to a Honeywell zone valve on my radiator zone? So when one of my Tado radiator thermostats call for heat it alerts the Smart thermostat that will then open the zone valve and start the boiler if needed?
My boiler is a Vaillant ecocompact VSC 206 with a Calormatic 470f unit.


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    The 470f is Vaillant’s wireless programmable thermostat and its presence indicates that your system is using the digital interface EBUS for control. I assume your zone valves are connected to a wiring centre. The model number of this wiring centre will determine how you can connect Tado. It will be similar to vr61, vr65, vr66...

  • Hi thank you for the answer. I have not installed a zone valve yet. It was recommended so i could cut off heat for my radiators when my UFH is running. I have Tado TRVs on all my radiators so the idea was to install a zone valve for the radiator zone controlled by a Tado Smart Thermostat which all of the TRVs could “report” to if possible.
    I have no Vaillant wiring centre.
    Could it be done as i imagine?
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