Solution to an easy Away mode using an existing Nest


I currently use a Nest on our combi boiler and it works just great but have started to use Tado Smart TRVs to control the temp in each room/zone. Obviously at the moment there is no call for heat by individual TRVs as I don't have a Tado Smart Thermostat installed yet. Having read thru numerous threads it appears that changing to an Away mode with Tado (and I don't want to use Geofencing BTW) is very difficult and not at all flexible, so I have come up with a work around that I think will work and will also save me throwing my Nest away when I install the Tado Smart Thermostat.

What I plan to do it put the Tado Smart thermostat on the Nest's call for heat return to the boiler (see red dot on image). I would then leave the Nest on an unreasonably high temperature permanently, which should then mean the Tado can control the call for heat if required.

When I'm away I can simply turn down the Nest to our usual Away temperature which effectively isolates any instruction by the TRVs as the Tado would not be able to send a call for heat to the boiler because terminal 3 would be left open.

Anyone see any holes in this ?



  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @sP1bOB No holes visible!! I have kept my Nest and could do the same but I would need to do a fair bit of re-wiring - tado stat is in same place as Nest was and is the measuring device for one of my rooms. Still might go that way. Good stuff!

  • I know what you mean @samd I had thought about putting the Thermostat on the T1/T2 feed to the Nest thermostat control cable but realised that as well as comms it also uses that to power the wall thermostat as well. I am lucky as I have ready access to the cables so it seems like a reasonable solution to me. Thanks for the feedback.

  • FYI, I just moved from Nest to Tado and managed to sell my Nest for £130 on eBay very easily. So if it doesn't work, dont just 'throw it away' :)

  • Thanks @Adzyp , I was a little imprecise with my language and perhaps should have said "dispose" ;-)))

  • Tado have introduced a new home/ away setting in the latest app. Just tap on the Home tile and select the mode that you want.
  • Thanks @AdyR , yes I saw that post. Think I'll still keep mine daisy-chained with my Nest for the time being tho (belt and braces ...)

  • Gijsvanderzon
    edited December 2020
    @sP1bOB does it work to your satisfaction? I have exactly the same situation and would like to do the same. Thanks for your respons!
  • Hi @Gijsvanderzon yes it worked perfectly and gave me more flexility.

    I have now changed my setup tho as I am now using the wireless extension kit, but I still use the Nest to connect to the "call for heat" side of my boiler to override the extension kit instructions.

  • Ok great @sP1bOB, so actually the only thing that you've changed on the already working NEST setup is putting the tado smart thermostat between the nest heat link and the boiler?

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