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Removing a SMART Thermostat


I have two Smart Thermostats in my house (added one about a year ago - not sure why I did it). I would like to remove one but it doesn’t give me an option to do that.

Any ideas?



  • Other than deleting your home and starting again im not sure. Maybe support can do it for you
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @ed1976 A bit clumsy and I cannot test it on my system but if, on the app, you go into the room where that ST is and alter the measuring device from that ST to one of the tado TRVs then it is no longer 'doing anything' to your system and you could just remove the battery and dispose of it as you wish? As said by @adzyp above, perhaps cleaner to ask support.

  • Hi, am trying to do the same. did you find a solution to the removal?
  • sorted. got tado to remove it
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