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Target Temperature

Can someone explain how the temperature setting works, my target temperature is set at 21 but I am now in my living room and the temp is 18, at what point should the heating come back on?


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @TDC71 Hello. It should be on with those settings. Is it a new installation? What devices do you have please?

  • No it's been in about 6 months, I just have the thermostat and the internet bridge, sorry I don't know much about it really, I rent my property and it was installed when I was at work and the plumber was gone when I'd got home so have just muddled through really
  • Is there heat coming from the radiator? Maybe it is struggling to heat the room.
    Do you have a timer on the boiler that is switching it off?
    I find there is only a small lag before the heating comes on when the temperature drops below the target.
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