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Is a Smart thermostat needed

Hi guys,

I've got a Tado starter kit and plan to add all radiators to have smart valves, 10 in total. I'm trying to work out what benefit the Smart thermostat brings if all rooms had a smart radiator valve. It would be mounted in the kitchen which is the most used room, so possibly easier to knock the temp up in that room alone, but i cannot see what other benefit it brings. Considering selling the thermostat to help fund the 8 more radiator valves i need to buy!

I'm correct in thinking that the smarts rad valves can speak directly to the combi boiler using the bridge and extension aren't I?

Happy to keep it if I need it but seems pointless having with the radiators being controlled individually.

Thanks for the advice

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  • Why can’t we control the boiler and have 25 rooms? Will there be an update to do so? Or maybe 20 rooms. Now, if I use a Thermostat I loose 15 out 25 rooms to control, could that be less?

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