Relocation of Tado Thermostat

I have just had a Tado thermostat installed with new boiler. I don’t like where the thermostat is located because it’s in a room not used so is colder than other rooms. This means commonly used rooms are too warm as the thermostat believes it’s cold and the heating remains on even though the commonly used room is too warm.

Should I fit the Tado Extender in place of the thermostat. I have one of these as it came supplied but not fitted by the installer.

The current Tado Thermostat appears to be mains electric powered. Ideally I would like to have a thermostat that is battery powered so I don’t have to arrange any wiring if I was to relocate thermostat. I assume it is possible to purchase a battery powered thermostat that would work with an extender?

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  • Thanks for this feedback. I don't have any Tado TRVs although I do have manual TRVs so I could easily add a couple of Tado TRVs.

    I thought it was simply a case of unscrew the Tado Thermostat and then screw on the extender unit in place of it but it doesn't sound that easy! I would then use the Tado thermostat elsewhere with batteries.

    I like the sound of using the Tado TRV to be able to call for the heat rather than the thermostat. I have have the TRV in the room most used so it runs the system. This saves any rewiring (I hope!!)

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