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Open window notifications

Hi all. I've read that some users are getting open window notifications to their phone. I use Android and have V3+ and can't seem to see this option. Would be useful due to false triggers etc. I have paid for the upgrade for smart skills but doesn't seem to be in there.

Additionally, it would be even more useful to be sent a notification telling me a room is returning to auto. That way I could actually get a gentle nudge to close the window before I start heating up the air outside my house too...
Any help or pointers appreciated.


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @mean1979 Hello - have you checked your app under Settings>Notifications?

  • Thanks Sam. Sadly not. I see two options:
    'Choose for which events you want to be notified:
    - Low battery information
    - Energy savings report update'

    There's no option about open windows 🤔
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @mean1979 So under settings do you not have open window detection between Weather adaptation and Auto assist? Open window is part of the standard set of skills - doesn't need paid version. If it's not there is there another phone in the house on which you could download a fresh install of the app?

  • Yes nothing of this description on my android app?! I took a screenshot but can't share it on here (may be a bit of continuous improvement for this forum?). I'll remove the app and see what happens when I reinstall. Failing that I'll try to do the same on my wife's phone. Very odd though :/
  • I take it back. I can't seem to share an image on the mobile version. What I see is on this image. I've also uninstalled my app and looked at in on my wife's phone and the same issue. Neither of us has an option to enable open window notifications. I can confirm I definitely have the Air comfort/Auto Assist all working correctly so at a bit of a loss on this if it's supposed to be enabled??

  • After re-reading Sam's response. I have 'Open window Detection' as part of my skills, but what I'm not seeing is a notification. There may be wires crossed here as that's what I'm interested in is being told when a window being open is detected. thanks

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited March 2020

    @mean1979 I don't think we have crossed wires. In the app under settings>app>notifications, you should have on/off switches for:

    Low battery

    Away Mode reminder

    Home Mode reminder

    Open Window reminder

    Energy Savings Report.

    Think you have done everything you can so can only suggest you go on the chat line at tado.com. Sorry!

  • Hey short question related to this topic. My open window detection works but I would love to receive a notification on my phone when an open window is detected. Sadly same as the OT I don’t have an option on my iPhone App to receive notifications for these events.

    Help pls.

  • Same issue here for me. Open window detection works, but I do not get a notification in the app for open window. How can I enable this? Under settings, notifications does not have an option for open window.
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