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Does Smart AC actually change fan speed to bring the temp down quickler in Thermostatic mode?

Hi there,

It is starting to get much hotter in my part of the world and today I noticed that no matter what temperature I set the target to in thermostatic mode, the airspeed of the AC unit stayed the same.

You can see from the attached photo that the target temp was 23c but the actual temp was 29.1 yet the aircon was blowing out air on the lowest AC fan speed. There is absolutely no way at all that Tado V3 will be able to reach anywhere near the target temperature without aggressively changing the fan speed to pump out more air. In fact, about 30 minutes after this was taken the temperature had gone up another 1c to above 30c.

Is there something I am missing here? What is the point in having a target temperature if Tado doesn't adjust the speed of the fans to push out more air to have any hope of reaching it?



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  • I have opened a ticket. But just to add that if I switch the Tado into non-thermostatic mode then I can change the fan speed whilst in AC without any issue at all. It is just like the thermostatic mode never tries to be more aggressive with the cooling by increasing the fan speed.


  • @Pottypotsworth did you ever hear back? I'm facing similar issues.

    The 'Thermostatic' option of Tado is a farce. Afaik Tado is basically only switching AC on or off (which our multi-split inverter really dislikes). Tado is not actually thermostatically controlling the climate-settings of the AC. E.g. if your 'Acceptance Range' is set too narrow, Tado keeps switching on/off (limited by 'Min On/Off Time'), instead of actually sending temp-changes to AC.

    Hoping someone from Tado can prove me completely wrong! At this point Smart AC has little/no value other than initial gimmick value.

  • I am afraid @shufflez that I did not hear any more on this, and like you have had more issues with a multi-split invertor getting upset than upsides using Tado.

    Tado it actually now relegated to my empty spare room where I just use it to switch on the AC on a couple of times a week for a couple of hours just to keep the humidity down and some old books and boxes in check. The whole "smart AC" side of it is entirely useless.

    I did have Sensibo running in my bedroom and living room and have found using that with Homebridge for use with Apple HomeKit gave me much more control, but still it is essentially used as a fancy timing device to switch modes or temps at a certain time.

    It seems so obvious to me that people would want Tado to operate in the manner I thought it did in my initial post, but seemingly not?

    All the best.

  • I was having the same issue, and I'm a programmer, so I decided to fix this myself.

    I shared my solution with tado, which basically ignored it.

    It's on GitHub: https://github.com/ncruces/smarter-tado-ac

    You can download the release, if you're interested, set the username/password on the json file, configure it to run every 5 min (make it a scheduled task, or a cron job, or something), and report back.

    Read the README for details, it's a big wall of text, but it describes the problem and the solution well.

    I've been running this for 3 years now, works great for me.

    I can answer questions here, but I don't know if I'll pay attention to this thread beyond the next couple of days, so ping me on GitHub if you run into issues.

    Given tado's lack of response, I've pretty much given up on them ever improving their AC product.

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