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Does Smart AC actually change fan speed to bring the temp down quickler in Thermostatic mode?

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It is starting to get much hotter in my part of the world and today I noticed that no matter what temperature I set the target to in thermostatic mode, the airspeed of the AC unit stayed the same.

You can see from the attached photo that the target temp was 23c but the actual temp was 29.1 yet the aircon was blowing out air on the lowest AC fan speed. There is absolutely no way at all that Tado V3 will be able to reach anywhere near the target temperature without aggressively changing the fan speed to pump out more air. In fact, about 30 minutes after this was taken the temperature had gone up another 1c to above 30c.

Is there something I am missing here? What is the point in having a target temperature if Tado doesn't adjust the speed of the fans to push out more air to have any hope of reaching it?



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  • I have opened a ticket. But just to add that if I switch the Tado into non-thermostatic mode then I can change the fan speed whilst in AC without any issue at all. It is just like the thermostatic mode never tries to be more aggressive with the cooling by increasing the fan speed.


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