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Smart schedule heating coming on later than start time ~1hr late!

Hi All,

I've had tado for just over 6 months and all has been well. This week though I noticed it was colder than usual in the mornings and saw the temp was much lower!

I've attached the heating chart for the past 2 days and as you can see that the heating is not coming on and heating at the expected start time as it has done in the past. There seems to be considerable lag before the temp starts to rise, in-fact the temp continues to fall!

Any ideas what is causing this delay in the smart schedule starting and what may have caused this to start happening?

Thanks for all your help



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Dispatches Are either of the 2 sessions on Wed early starts?

  • No, early start is off. The heating should come on at 4am and previously you would see that reflected in the chart with an almost instant increase in temp like you can see in the afternoon slot.
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