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Zones or Multiple Rooms


A little advice or guidance please.

Had TADO from the start V1 to V3+, several Smart Rads / Thermostat and extension kit. My current setup is Heating / Hot water with the Thermostat and 2 zones upstairs and downstairs with smarts rads in each.

Is this the best way or is individual rooms the way forward?

Should the Thermostat (heating) be within a group too, it is physically upstairs in a room which also has a Rad.

Any suggestions to get best use / save energy would be grand.



  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Midville Hi Jason - a bit more info please. When you say 'zones' are they real zones each with motorised zone valves or are they 'dummy' zones where two or more rooms are treated as one for tado purposes? Does every room have tado trv (less an overrun radiator if the boiler requires it)

  • Dummy zones for TADO - all rads are on the same system. All rooms have a TADO smart value, less for towel rail and a rad in the hall (overrun).



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