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Tado server was down again

This has happened twice within a month. This server outage is becoming a problem.

Anyone else suffer from this problem?


  • Yes - it seems to have gone down right now, on Monday March 16 at 1730h GMT.

  • How do I do a manual override to turn the heating on with my v3 system with an extension kit?

  • How reliant is the thermostat on the servers? Do they just get stuck at whatever setting your smart schedule was on at the point the servers go down, until you manually override that setting?
  • Tado is too unreliable for me. I think I am going back to Hive as the schedules still work if the Internet/server is down.

  • If you turn the rad thermostat by your hand that should work.
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    INTERESTING - Server down and all my evening schedules worked!

  • Yours probably worked as it was running the schedule when the servers went down & the server was up and running before your schedules ended. My heating was off when it went down & I had to manually turn it on. The dependance on Tado's servers/Internet is the only major negative about this system.

  • I'd pay to have some form of backup locally 😕

  • Down again on 25th and 26th March
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