Extension Kit Placement/Location

Hi there!

Hoping someone can help with a couple of questions relating to the extension kit.

Do I really have to put the extension kit box 30cm away from my boiler as depicted in the manual? What is the reason for this?

Also the instructions for my particular boiler were not available on the click thru manual online — Tado had to actually get one of the technicians to check my boiler out and send me personalised instructions… They show that I had to have a separate power cord to my extension kit box, which they have sent me, but why is this when I could just wire straight into the electrical input on the boiler itself? The boiler is on a fused spur. I’m in the UK btw,
Thanks in advance!

My boiler is an Ideal Mini C24 ;)

Best Answer


  • I have an older oil fired boiler in a Bungalow the hot water is by gravity feed the heating by pump and TRV on radiators . I assume I need an extension kit but the L & N seems to shorted out in the board in the diagram (with a resistor?) Using the S plan set up.

    Also the bridge unit pluged into the router I have never seen a router with a free jack plug? if not plug into mains my router runs off a low voltage power suppy does it reduce power in the bridge unit? or does it come with a power supply?