Battery Life

Please can you give some clear guidance on how to extend battery life.

This is important as I am not able to visit my house in Switzerland for a while, do to the current lock-down.

I do not want the batteries to run-out into next winter, freezing etc. is there a way to stop the thermostats polling in the bridge so frequently for example?




  • samd
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    @wbartram Hello - I do not know the answer but in order to get the ball rolling....If all your thermostats are on away mode (5C) and the bridge was disconnected, they would only come into operation on lower temperatures. I am fairly sure that it is correct - if so is there any way you get someone close by to do that?

  • What is the life of the battery for the thermostat and radiator valve?

  • @JackCulley, there is no way to answer that question as there are so many factors that affect the battery life

    1. distance from bridge
    2. construction materials used in the building
    3. age of the building
    4. number of operations the TRV undertakes
    5. quality of the batteries

    From personal experience, I've had Tado for nearly 2.5 years. The earliest I had to change a TRV battery was after approximately 1 year. I think the longest lasted nearly 2 years. My house is modern (14 years), quite small (2 storey, around 100m2), timber frame construction and reasonably well insulated.

    Some people on here with older, larger, stone built properties are finding that TRV batteries are only lasting a few weeks.

  • I can provide an update I have installed 3 x Energizer AAA and they lasted 1 year 5 months. The only downside is no warming that they are about to expire.