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New Smart Thermostat and extension added to system but radiator valves still not bringing in boiler.

I've already got 8 tado radiator valves working on their own. Today I've added the smart thermostat which gives fitted wirelessly in the lounge, and the extension wired in to the worcester greenstar boiler. I followed the tado instructions that were emailed to me. I r
Expected the smart thermostat to be linked to the radiator valve in the lounge, but it isnt, and also when it is warm enough in the lounge, the other radiators see no heat. This is not what I was expecting, so pretty sure it's not working correctly. Can anyone advise?

The previous boiler controller was disconnected, however no links were removed as the B terminals I was instructed to wire the extension into had none fitted.


  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @SteveH It sounds as though the installation of the thermostat put you in the wrong mode. See following modes - suspect you are on A and need B - only support can change this - tado.com chatline.

    A. Thermostat needs to be calling for heat in order for other tado devices to get heat

    B. All tado devices can call for heat regardless of the status of the thermostat.

  • That sounds right. I was unaware there were 2 modes for this, or why you would want to me in mode A. Did I pick the incorrect setup when going through the installation or is this a common setup fault?
  • samdsamd ✭✭✭
    edited March 27

    @SteveH I was told by support that mode A is the default setting yet I think that some on here had mode B from the outset. It really should be part of the setup procedure. You did nothing wrong. It's a 2 minute job on the chat line.

  • SteveHSteveH
    edited March 27

    I've just had an email back from Tado confirming the setup is correct. Maybe residual heat in the system meant the valves weren't pulling in the boiler when i was trying them out.

    I still dont understand why the Smart Thermostat can't be connected directly to a radiator valve though. All valves can potentially hit there target temperature and close off, but the Smart Thermostat is not reaching its target, so the boiler is working hard pushing heat around our 2 towel rails and nothing else.

    Is there a way of pairing the smart thermostat and a radiator valve? Otherwise why do I need the smart thermostat?????

  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @SteveH On the app go into the tado room via settings and select thermostat as measuring device half way down page.

  • They aren't located in the same room on the app. I think that is the problem. Just had a response from Tado, i think they have to move the smart stats location for me to then select it as the measuring device

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