Tado smart AC control V3+: How to control vent direction of Mitsubishi Industries AC?

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I‘m trying to setup Tado V3+ with a Mitsubishi Industries AC. AC was automatically detected (command set AS-370), temperature, cool/dry/etc. modes and fan mode are controllable via Tado App and Apple Homekit. Unfortunately I can’t control vent directions (up/down, left/right). The AC starts always in Auto-3D mode. 

Is there an option to control vent direction via Tado, or at least to preserve last vent direction setting chosen by remote control?


  • Hello Checky,

    This feature is not supported by tadoº, hence the command sets available for your remotes won't include it and when sending commands to the AC, these commands won't include the settings for it.

    Best regards,


  • Hello
    I am using the Tado v3+ AC with Daikin (remote ARC466A9) and I’d like to use the 3D fan mode but in Tado’s app I only have the vertical fan mode available
    Is it possible to have the horizontal and 3D fan too? Theses 2 mode are displayed on my remote screen
    Thanks for tour help
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