DNS queries gone crazy

Has anyone noticed their Tado doing way more DNS lookups than normal? My Tado Internet Bridge has been doing a DNS lookup for ingress.tado.com every few seconds today, with nearly 5000 requests so far today. This is new, with a lookup every 5 minutes or so prior to today. Firmware version 60.6.


  • Joey
    Joey | Admin

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    If this is still an issue today and if it is a genuine concern we recommend you to contact our Support Team to have the issue investigated: https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3590239-how-can-i-contact-tado

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  • I mean, is it still happening? Yes.

    Is it a concern? I can cope with it, but it seems a bit crazy that the Tado is doing more than twice as many DNS lookups (all to the same address) than any other device on my network.

  • Me too, I just installed a Pi-hole and discovered the Tado Internet Bridge is doing around 8-10 DNS requests a second!

  • Same here - using Tado AC for years (bought on Kickstarter) and I have only noticed this a couple of months ago - almost 13000 queries for tado.com in 24h. I mean surely your dns is not that dynamic..😀 I don’t know if the behavior has changed after a firmware update or if it is like this from the beginning. Is this by design? Did the Support Team offer any solution?

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  • Just got reply from support - it seems the culprit is faulty wifi module. No solutions were offered - apart from buying a new unit.