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Data communication between thermostats ?

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Hello All,

I have two tado thermostats in the bathroom. One of them is the Smart Radiator Thermostat and the second is the Smart Thermostat on the wall. I've set up this thermostat on the wall as a sampling device. However, I want the moment the humidity exceeds the set IFTT limit to turn on the heating for a certain time. How can I do this? Do I have to switch the measurement only to the lower thermostat at the radiator? I was also thinking about developing this "scene" to turn on the dehumidifier when the humidity is too high. Returning to the question in the title - will the thermostat on the wall record the increase in humidity at the floor? Will it average it? Please make suggestions and thank you in advance.

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  • Thank you. So it'll stay the way it is. I don't want to add endless bricks from other subsystems to my smart home.

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