What sort of savings are people seeing with Tado, if any?

I have a 3-bed detached 1960s house with loft and wall insulation plus double glazing.

When I initially installed my smart thermostat and extension kit in January 2018, I was saving, on average, 21% per month. In February 2018, I installed a smart thermostat in my bedroom so that I could automatically turn up the heat there before bedtime.

I admit that I haven't been looking at savings lately, but when I did so today, I noticed that, during the summer of 2018, there was too little activity for TADO to calculate savings each month (that would be because the heating was off, of course), but since October, my savings have only been 0% to 2% per month.

My optimum living room temperature is 20.4 degrees and I'm out of the house four working days a week, in addition to social/shopping outings at weekends etc. I'm using geo-fencing to turn off the heat when I leave.

I can't work out what's changed, so wondered what sort of savings others are seeing and what sort of programs, and what sort of temperatures they're using. Seems strange that I saved 21% in January 2018, but only 2% in January 2019.



  • Last month February, my savings were calculated at 23%. To me this is over optimistic. I have not been home a lot during this month because of holidays and business trips. During my absence I had the system switched off. My apartment is 3 years old and extremely well built. After one week, the temperature was one degree lower. No energy was used. To be able to make even een rough calculation one should at least collect some information about the house in terms of isolation and the square meters. In my case I would have switched thes system off. To me Tado does not make a difference here for such situation.

  • None really, I still love my tado though

  • I don't understand how TADO calculates your savings as it doesn't know your previous usage

    Presumably you can look at your gas meter readings over time though (if on your old bills) and see how much you are using for a given month or over a period - then simply multiplying by the unit cost would give you the total cost to see any savings.

    Anyone done this?