Adaptor for Pintossi M26 Valves

Hi Folks,

I am based in Australia, and have had trouble sourcing the adapter Pintossi M26 valves for the Smart Thermostat. Does anyone know where I can source them at reasonable cost. I have 16 radiators to connect!



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  • samd
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    @Polmac Hello. According to the tado pdf linked below, one of the adapters provided with each tado TRV will fit your system.

  • Thank you. I had already checked this out. The PDF says that the adapter for a Pintossi is not supplied, and there is simply an item number to find it myself. If anyone can tell me where I can actually order this from Australia (ie. the online shop will actually ship here), I would appreciate it. Thanks Polmac 😀

  • Hi @samd

    We all have those moments! Thanks, yep contacted them, but have heard nothing in reply. Will try them again this week. I might have to resort to changing the whole valve on the radiator, which will be a very expensive proposition!

    Will see what happens in the coming days.



  • Any luck @Polmac? I’m in the same boat. I bet my Pintossi TRVs came from Hunt Heating, going to see if they can source.
  • @Polmac I had luck with Hunt Heating They matched to a slightly different adaptor that the one you found on ecodhome. This one is brass rather than plastic but looks to be M26 to M30 required to fix Tado TRVs.

    They only had 2 in stock at AU$6 each which I've grabbed both but I need a 3rd so the are investigating a further order but may have a min quality requirement.

    My guess is you've already solved your issue somehow but if not there's an option...

  • Thanks Sharpy,

    It took a few months, but I found a solution Italy and had them shipped. A bit expensive (I needed 16 adapters), but they worked out fine. I appreciate you following up.



  • Hi All,

    I'm interested in using the tado radiator thermostats, but note that they aren't available from the site in Aus...

    I'd appreciate if you could give me a walk through on how you've implemented it?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • Cshepp
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    I’m in the same position as well on this. Will try Hunt Heating and @Polmac, where did you end up sourcing yours from? I may need a number of these as well