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Adaptor for Pintossi M26 Valves

Hi Folks,

I am based in Australia, and have had trouble sourcing the adapter Pintossi M26 valves for the Smart Thermostat. Does anyone know where I can source them at reasonable cost. I have 16 radiators to connect!



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  • samdsamd ✭✭✭

    @Polmac Hello. According to the tado pdf linked below, one of the adapters provided with each tado TRV will fit your system.


  • Thank you. I had already checked this out. The PDF says that the adapter for a Pintossi is not supplied, and there is simply an item number to find it myself. If anyone can tell me where I can actually order this from Australia (ie. the online shop will actually ship here), I would appreciate it. Thanks Polmac 😀

  • Hi @samd

    We all have those moments! Thanks, yep contacted them, but have heard nothing in reply. Will try them again this week. I might have to resort to changing the whole valve on the radiator, which will be a very expensive proposition!

    Will see what happens in the coming days.



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