How should the extension kit be wired for a two zone system?


Just had my installer to fit Tado to our heating system. We previously had two wireless stats controlling the upstairs and downstairs zones independently. The engineer could not complete the work as he couldn’t figure out how the extension kit should be wired for two heating zones. He said it was only possible to wire it for one zone and then hot water? That’s clearly not the case as plenty of people seem to have two heating zones. Does anyone have photos/wiring diagram of how to do it please?


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @surgeon167 Did you approach support with your requirements? They will produce a specific wiring etc arrangement for your home?

  • Malck
    Hi, did you get this sorted? I too have an upstairs and downstairs zone with wired stats as well as smart radiator stats, so hoping I could use the extension kit just for hot water
  • Nah. Tado were hopeless. Couldn’t come up with a solution after about 6 attempts using their website and online help. Utter garbage, sold the Tado on eBay. Bought a Hive that works like a dream!