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Hot water in away mode

Hi all.

i'd like to turn off the heating entirely in the summer and just have hot water

From what I can tell, putting into away mode should do just that.

However, the away mode for hot water on the app only has on or off I.e No schedule options. Will it stay on all the time or revert to the home mode setting for hot water (which is what I want)? Anyone know ?

Thank you in advance !



  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator

    Hello @talljhawkins,

    You can manually lower the temperature in each of your rooms to turn off the heating and keep the Hot Water.

    Best regards,

    Your tado° team

  • Hmm, I don't want to manually lower all my radiators every day !? nor do I want to change the settings using the app each summer and winter - way too time consuming.

    However, I've found the answer to my problem...

    I hadn't seen the "advanced" settings in a time-block which allow you to override what happens in geofencing mode. So, I've set my hot water time-blocks so that they come on regardless of whether I have said that I'm out or not. I then just say that I'm out for the entire summer. The hot water comes on regardless and the radiators all stay off. If the missus gets cold in the evening she can still override an individual radiator.

    Thanks to someone (sorry, can't remember who now) who had pointed out this feature in relation to something else.


  • _Marie_Marie | Moderator

    @talljhawkins, you can define that manual changes are active "until ended by the user". 

    To do this, go to Settings - Rooms - the room - Manual Control on tado⁠° device - until ended by user

    Best regards,

    Your tado° team

  • Ah ha, I see. Yes I could but I don't set that - I always set a specific time or until next block. So, again, I'm not about to change that for this "summer" feature on all my devices.

    As i said, no worries though - my workaround is just fine for me.


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